I reserve the right to refuse a commission from anyone if they ask for something in the don'ts.


i CAN do...


-Simple Ferals

-Simple Mechas


-Closed Species

-Object Sonas


-Characters from Media

-Suggestive Poses / Themes

-Simple Backgrounds

-Minor Gore

-Multiple Characters (See prices for details)

i CANNOT do...


-Complex Designs


-Complex / Detailed Backgrounds

-Art That Promotes Hatred or Bigotry

-Reference Sheets

-OC's That Do Not Belong To You (Unless it's a gift)

-Heavy / Realistic Gore

-Suggestive Art / Poses of Minors or Childlike Characters.


-Realistic Lighting (im bad)

-Self Harm / Suicide


-Comic Pages

-Real People (without thier consent)

If you are curious if i can do something that hasn't been listed, do not be afraid to ask. If i am not, welp.