terms and conditions

I only accept Discord Nitro payment at this time. Once the sketch has been approved and/or the nitro has been accepted, i cannot offer any refunds. Once the colouring has started, i cannot add any significant changes. I may use your finished commission for advertising or as an example. If you do not wish for the commission to be used for advertising, or if you do not wish for it to be publically posted, please let me know beforehand. I also wish that you do not attempt to pass off the commission as your own. If you do post it yourself, please credit me.

Furthermore, i reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason, including but not limited to; pestering me to do something in the don'ts, being pushy about deadlines or requesting art of something that i am not comfortable with.

By ordering a commission and paying, you are agreeing that you have read through (lets be real; skimmed) the terms and conditions and agree to uphold the terms presented to you.